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The price range of Buddha statues can vary greatly for many different reasons. Chances are if you purchase a small polyresin statue of Buddha, it will be less expensive than the intricately carved jade statues. However, size still plays a role in the price of any one Buddha statue. Whether or not it has been treated for out-door use, or if there are any other bells-and-whistles upon the statue. Some such "bells and whistles" being the Kuan Yin statues that drip soft rivets of water into Lung the dragon's mouth. Often times made of porcelain to prevent the water-wear that will come with the constant dripping of water.While it is a common mistake to think that Hoti (the laughing Buddha) is the only one available. There are countless hundreds with different meanings, and stories behind them. These articles are a guide to find the perfect Buddha to match your life, beliefs, and the needs in your home.Remember, that while you may simply select any Buddha statue by it's looks. If there is any one specific purpose that you wish to obtain a Buddha statue; you will find that this guide will be helpful in your search for the perfect addition to your home.

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