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 To successfully conduct an A/B test, you should focus on one component at a time. For example, create two email messages that 
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contain the same exact information but different subject lines. The goal is to learn which subject line compels more people to open the email.You can do the same for web and landing pages - choose one component, such as advertising two different products on your home page to see which one entices more visitors to click-through your website or two different offers to get people to place an order through your landing page. Figuring out ways to increase conversion rates is essential to generate customers. Conversion rates represent the percentage of people that respond to your call to action in some way. Low conversion rates typically mean that more is needed to excite, inform, or generate real interest in your goods and services. An AB test allows you to see where improvements should be made.For example, if you're experiencing low conversion rates on landing pages, test and compare two different sales styles - informational vs. sales - to see which style generates more interest. If conversion rates remain low, test other components such as free offers, color scheme, call to action button placement, or add additional components like customer testimonials or video clips to see if this content makes a difference.        

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