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Split Test Monkey Review * DON'T GET IT WITHOUT MY BONUS >>> 

 What is Split Testing Monkey? Monkey Split Test is to split a new web-based conversion optimization tool to test different pages (URLs) and dynamic elements on the pages. It's the perfect app to test and optimize your sales pages, landing pages, blogs, widget areas, banners and other important web properties. What makes Monkey Split Test so unique? Most split testing scripts and platforms are either part of another software (F. E. page builders) or expensive (monthly fees!) Or difficult to install and configure (or both). Monkey with Split Test you do not need to install any software or have to pay subscription fees. You simply login to your web based application and can immediately start testing and optimizing your marketing pages. Additionally Split Monkey Test is easy to use. You can set up your campaigns quickly and keep control over all your campaigns from one central dashboard. You can even lines when to stop splitting test (days, opinions or conversions!) And from that moment only the winning element or page to display all future visitors.

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