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Controlled study groups have proven that those women, who have combined exercise with sensible dieting, lost significantly more weight than those who just diet. In addition to this, studies have also concluded that a woman, who is able to return to her Anabolic Cooking pre-pregnancy weight within six months, is at a much lower risk of being overweight ten years later!Exercise Exercise is not only beneficial to weight loss but will obviously improve your cardiovascular fitness. Those activities may include: running, walking, skating, bicycling, hiking, or even rope skipping. Cardiovascular fitness is essential for both a healthy heart and mind. Aerobic workouts will burn body fats and sugars stored in the muscle cells for energy. The definition of aerobic is `with oxygen,' the oxygen from the blood is required to fuel the muscles.

This type of exercise will increases lung capacity and decrease LDL cholesterol levels. Also improve your stamina and provides stress reduction and of course the all important burning of body fat.Diet and Exercise Anyone wishing to loose weight through diet and exercise should always approach both carefully avoiding crash dieting and over exercise. Any aerobic workout should be structured and tailored to your individual needs. If you haven't taken much exercise for the last 9 months or so, then you must be careful not to do too much too soon. Aerobic training does not build muscle to any significant degree, but if overdone, you can `waste' muscle, so be careful not to over exercise.

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