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Forex trading, also known as foreign exchange currency trading, consists of transactions in which one party purchases a quantity of currency by paying in another currency, this is normally done with the use of leverage, Scientific Trading Machine which allows traders and institutions to control a large amount of currency with much less money on deposit. The main reason why the foreign currency market exists is to facilitate trade and investment between entities by providing businesses, governments, and individuals the ability to convert one currency into another. 

So, if someone asks you "what is forex trading"? you can tell them that it provides the means for a business in Japan to buy and sell products in the U.S., as just one example of many. Recently, retail forex speculation has become increasingly popular, this has made it possible for the individual trader or investor to participate in the forex market from anywhere with an internet connection and a computer, with only a small sum of money being required to get started. Forex speculation means that you are speculating on the possible future direction of the exchange rate between two currencies.

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