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Oil is a commodity that is bound by a Cobalt Code Software worldwide decreasing supply on one hand and an ever increasing demand on the other hand. In addition oil is priced in US dollars for which are becoming worth less and less every year as US national debt increases adding to the to current free fall of the dollar compared to the basket of currencies it is compared to upon the worldwide Forex markets. Since the dollar buys less foreign oil with every decrease of real intrinsic worth in the Forex markets, the suppliers and commodities traders have no choice but to bid oil up higher with no end in the foreseeable future.All products totally regardless of manufacturing or transport methods are affected, resulting in higher costs passed on ultimately to the end user whether it is a business or consumer end user. Paper products are affected along the same parameters as derivatives of oil are present in varying percentages in every household or business product on the market today. 

Even items that do not actually contain oil will ultimately have to be delivered to the consumer or company. This factor is all inclusive in the complete pallet of merchandise shipped to Walmart or a box of promotional items delivered by a common carrier to a large company or small business. Since the projected deflation of the dollar in the Forex markets is a given and the inflationary pressures that are omnipresent with oil related promotional items such as plastic insulated travel mugs, sticky note pads, foam can coolers, pens, plastic cups and even the ink used for imprinted products such as coffee mugs this sets the stage for price increases when January 2011 arrives. Promotional items such as insulated mugs imprinted with a company logo are a bargain at this point. Nationally recognized brand name items pertaining to paper products such as personalized Post it Notes are frozen in cost for the remainder of the year. Knowing that 3M is a multinational corporation and that fluctuations in the Forex will definitely be felt is a prime candidate for price increases. Custom coffee mugs are imprinted with oil based inks but the greatest price challenge is the projected increase in shipping cost for next year.

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